B2B-solution for accepting payments in cryptocurrency.

Lower transaction fees. Higher transaction amount. Broader transaction geography.

Cryptonix allows to accept payments in 12 most popular cryptocurrencies and tokens

It covers over 95% of global cryptocurrency payments.

Next generation payments.

This is not just another payment method. That's a lot more paying customers.

New client

Low to no conversion fees

And not only exchange fees, actually. Every minute we check cryptocurrency proposition on the biggest exchanges. So the exchange rate will be lowest possible as well.

Say farewell to hidden fees

We mean - farewell, not goodbye. Your customer always knows the exact amount he has to pay. You always know the exact amount you have to receive. He knows, you know - what else needed?

Fast integration

Three types of integration - API (good for the services, working on deposit or subscription method), hosted gateway (redirect URL), direct post (payment widget).

No chargebacks

There is no such term in crypto payments. No banks - no chargebacks. It's that simple.

Auto exchange from crypto to fiat

Still don't trust cryptocurrencies as much as we do? No problem, just set auto exchange to the desired fiat currency, and all cryptocurrency payments will be immediately exchanged after being credited.

Auto withdrawal to your cold wallets

You do trust cryptocurrencies as much as we do, but do not trust us as much as we trust? No problem once again, set auto withdrawal and all your cryptocurrency will be instantly credited to the addresses you’ve provided.

24/7 support.

You can be sure to get all the answers to your questions. Our online chat and email are always up and running. We would even say that our support is better than our app, if anything could be better than "perfect".

Cryptocurrency prices

  • Bitcoin BTC 61546.21 -2.33%
  • Ethereum ETH 3389.99 -2.61%
  • Litecoin LTC 85.46 3.67%
  • Ripple XRP 0.589 -1.91%
  • Dogecoin Doge 0.1206 -9.28%
  • Tron TRX 0.1412 -1.25%
  • Binance coin BNB 405.27 -2.58%
  • Solana SOL 132.97 7.73%

Start accepting crypto payments today

Or tomorrow, at the very least. Be open to tens of millions of customers who prefer to pay with cryptocurrencies.

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